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How Do You Make a Simple Kids Survival Kit?

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Going on an adventurous trip with your kids is fun. But your children are not good enough to protect themselves as adults. You must provide special training to them if they get lost somewhere while hiking. You must prepare them for the challenges they can face during the trip. 

Whenever they are stuck in an emergency, they must know how to deal with it. If they do not know how to take care of themselves, they may get into trouble, and it is hard for them to survive. It is crucial to prepare a survival kit, in which you must keep all the necessary items that your kids need in an emergency. 

If they get stuck somewhere, they must know how to use all the items in the kit and how they can meet their parents again. If you provide enough training, they will easily tackle all the problems. This write-up will discuss how you can make a simple survival kit and what things you can add to it. 

Why is a Survival Kit Essential for Kids?

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If your kid is going on an adventurous trip, you must prepare a survival kit. If your child is in trouble, he can survive with the items in the kit. The kit includes items for first aid, signaling, knowing directions, getting warmth, etc. Your kid should be capable enough to handle the entire kit and know how to use all the items. You can get all the necessary accessories and add them to the kids survival kit

Things to be Involved in the Survival Kit for Kids

1. Disposable Raincoat

It is easy and lightweight to carry a disposable raincoat. While hiking, you may experience rain, and you need to cover yourself. A disposable raincoat can be used once, and then you can throw it. 

If your kid is stuck in the rain, he can use this item to avoid getting wet. It is available in free size, and one can tear it and make it used like shelter. With rain, your kid can also get protected from direct sunlight.  

2. Blanket

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It is an essential thing that you have to do in the kit. It helps your kid to stay warm if he stops at any spot. A blanket can also be used as a sleeping bag by wrapping it around the body. You can teach your child to stay in one place until they are rescued.

3. Mirror

A mirror can be used for signaling if your child is lost somewhere. You might think of keeping any signaling light source, but your kid may not know how to operate it. But you can teach the functioning of the mirror and how you can reflect light to a far distance. They must know how to use it. Even a small mirror is enough for signaling. If you are near them, you can easily catch their signal and reach them easily. 

4. Torch 

A torch is another necessary item that must be included in the kit. It helps your kid to view things around them. They may get scared at night because of the lack of light. But a torch can help them in surviving the night. Instead of battery-operated lights, you must pack the LED ones that run longer and provide batteries for backup. 

5. Whistle

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It is hard for your kid to shout when they are lost. But if they have a whistle, they can blow it and help you find it. The whistle sound is too loud, and it can go farther easily. Your child can easily blow the whistle without much effort and help you know their location. Even if they do not have enough energy to shout and reach anywhere to get help, they can blow the whistle, and someone will rescue them. 

6. First Aid 

On a trip, your kit may get injured or attacked by any insect. The first aid kit is a must to add to the survival kit for your kid. You must include all the essentials and medicines in the first aid kit so that they can get quick treatment and prevent serious injuries. If your child is lost and infected, it can get severe with time without any medical attention. 

7. Water Bottle

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On an adventurous trip, it is dangerous to drink unfiltered water locally. It can make your child ill because they have a weak immune system. Instead, they should carry water bottles that will keep them safe. Even if they get lost, they can survive with water in their bag. You can keep two or more bottles in the kit.  

8. Food and Energy Bars

It is not possible to take hot food along with you on a trip. You can keep dry food items in your kid’s survival kit, like biscuits, energy bars, etc. There is no need to warm them as they can be consumed directly. If your child is lost somewhere, he can survive on this food for some time until he gets rescued.

9. Compass

If your kid forgets directions to reach any point, he must keep the compass to get the directions. It is challenging to get the right direction once your kid is lost. But a compass can help determine whether you are on the right track. But you must teach your child how to use the compass and the directions to the camping point.

Final Thoughts 

Your kid must carry a survival kit on an adventurous trip. You can add all the necessary items as mentioned. Your child can get lost somewhere, but this kit can help him survive till he gets rescued. You must teach your child how to use all the kit items and stay safe. Like adults, it is not easy for kids to protect themselves on a trip, and they may experience several challenges. 

You need to teach them to be patient and fight all the challenges. Many kids are fond of such thrilling trips and want to try something new. But a survival kit is essential to help them survive if they get lost somewhere.