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6 Top Celebrities That Play Bingo

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It is not only ordinary people that play and enjoy the game of bingo, even celebrities all over the world also enjoy this game. Everybody in this world has what they love doing and celebrities are not left out as it has been recorded that there are some of them who love playing bingo just like any other person. It is not only the ordinary people that know the benefits and fun one can have while playing bingo, celebrities know too and that is why they play it.

Some of these celebrities because of the too much attention that they may receive and some who have been banned from land-based casinos prefer to play bingo online. If you are looking for the best casinos to play bingo, head over to inkedin.com and select anyone you like for yourself. Don’t be surprised that celebrities play bingo just like ordinary people in society and if you want to know some of these celebrities, here are there:

1. Bono

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Bono is a popular Irish rock musician who is a member of the U2 band. Since he was a child Mr. Bono had always loved the game bingo and even before he got famous, he staked most of his money at a local bingo hall. Even with his popularity now, Bono still makes out time to go and play this lovely game.

Before becoming famous, Bobo played at the Mtr Pussey’s Cafe to play bingo and still goes there even with his other celebrity friends such as Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington to play bingo with them. Although Mtr Pussey’s Cafe is a normal Cafe where people are served food and coffee, sometimes when food is not being served, it is converted to a bingo hall to play bingo.

2. Catherine Zeta-Jones

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Catherine Zeta-Jones is from Wales and is the wife of a Hollywood actor, Michael Douglas who she also converted to love the game of bingo. She has been playing bingo since she was a child in Wales and still plays it to this day. It is known that bingo is one of the most loved casino games in Wales, so it shouldn’t even come as a surprise that Catherine loves this game.

It is even said that when she was young, she even built her cards and balls so that she could play bingo whenever she wanted. Now, even her husband, a Hollywood legend, is part of those she introduced into the game. Nowadays, during holidays, what is now more like a family bingo game is organized where her husband is present with other friends to play bingo together.

3. Robbie Williams

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Robbie Williams is a British singer that makes the list of top celebrities that loves the game of bingo. Even the public knows that this singer loves bingo games because he does not hide that fact.

But this singer also plays the game of bingo for positive reasons and this includes playing them to raise money for charity. Sometimes either in his house or a casino, Robbie invites his friends to play bingo with him and all the proceeds that are made in this game are given to foundations like Babies With Aids, Habitat For Humanity, and other good foundations in the world.

4. Russell Crow

Source: euronews.com

Russell Crow is from Australia and started playing bingo before he became famous. Russell Crow is considered as one of the best actors in the world because of his acting prowess but acting is not the only thing that he does so well, playing bingo is included.

Russell started playing bingo from Australia and although most of the time he is acting in one movie or the other, he still makes time to spend some time playing the game just like he did when he was still in Australia. He is said to love bingo because it helps him to relax and socialize with people and his friends whenever he is not acting.

5. HRH Prince William

Source: ukforcesnews.co.uk

Prince William of England loves playing bingo and it is not a surprise that he loves this game. Bingo can be a good game to play for entertainment purposes even for royal blood and Prince William is not an exception. Prince William is one of those royal blood that takes joy in playing casino games such as bingo.

Even while he was in the military, Prince William did not still forget about bingo and it is said that he played this game with other royal blood in the military. It is also alleged that he also plays this game with Prince Philip and even Queen Elizabeth. Whichever way, we can see that even royal blood loves bingo games and play them too.

6. Kate Moss

Source: metro.co.uk

Kate Moss is an actress and a former model that had always loved bingo since she was young before she became famous. Before coming to the limelight, Kate always went to a bingo table in England almost regularly to play this game that she loves. Most of her fans knew that she loved bingo and played it for a long time now and she doesn’t hide it.

Nowadays, many people now prefer to play casino games online and only go to land-based casinos only once in a while because of many reasons. And some of these reasons are because of privacy or maybe after receiving a ban from a casino. Whichever one, Kate has stopped going to land-based casinos nowadays and prefers to play with her children online.

It is not only the common people that play casino games such as bingo, even celebrities love to play this game. It is known that there are many celebrities who have received bans from casinos because of their conduct and so they prefer to play casino games like bingo online. The celebrities that are mentioned above such as Kate Moss, Russell Crow, Robbie Williams, Prince William, Catherine Zeta-Jones, are some of the celebrities who love playing bingo.