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Who Is Sophie De Vries? Meet The Humble, Beautiful Wife Of Jan Vertonghen!

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De Vries is a beauty queen from Belgium who married Vertonghen in August 2015. She has also appeared on TV. Her husband is a defender for the Belgian national team, and is one of the most creative and vocal players in the league. He is also a model for FIFA.

Sophie De Vries is a beautiful wife that is the wife of one of the most attractive men in the world, Jan Vertonghen.  She is married to Jan Vertonghen since 2011 and it is said that their wedding was one of the most elegant and beautiful weddings ever.  They got married in a traditional way and it was full of elegance and humor.  They are enjoying a wonderful life together.

Jan Vertonghen is a professional footballer for Tottenham Hotspur, and he has won a European title with them. He is a defender, and he is married to Sophie De Vries. They have two children, and they have recently moved to the Netherlands from Belgium.

Almost everyone in football knows Jan Vertonghen, who is one of the greatest players in the world. Because of his abilities and on-field performance, he serves as a great role model for young football players. This piece, on the other hand, is about his wife, who is just as beautiful as he is. Because of her quiet demeanor, most people are unaware of her existence. Prepare yourself because she has a lot of amazing qualities.

She Comes From A Low-Income Family

Sophie, the footballer’s wife, is a stunning woman. She works at a children’s theatre workshop as a professional. That is why she goes back and forth between London and Amsterdam. Sophie was born and raised in Bijlmer.

Sophie had been dating Jan, the footballer, for a long time before they decided to marry. Theirs is the perfect example of a mature and drama-free relationship. She enjoys socializing, but not with strangers. Sophie is a self-assured extrovert who seems to have everything.

She has a joyful life and shares her joy with others. Sophie’s relatives and friends are, unfortunately, unknown. Even though they succeed in their professions, she and her husband maintain their work and personal lives apart. Sophie and Jan seem to get along well with the other football stars. As a result, it’s fair to infer that she hangs around with high-profile celebs.

Her Love Story Began When She Was A Child

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Since childhood, they’d been best friends and lovers. While they were both in attendance at VMBO in Amsterdam Zuidoost, the two met. Since he was a youngster, Jan had been training at the Ajax Youth Academy. Sophie, who is kind and down to earth, is seeking a career as a theater director after studying at the College of the Arts.

She Is Self-Assured Even When She Isn’t Dressed Up

Sophie, unlike most people, isn’t concerned with looking perfect all of the time. Jan’s Instagram account has a few photos of her being comfortable in her own self. She looks great without any makeup or fancy hairstyles. She likes to dress casually, putting comfort ahead of trend at all times. Despite this, she always maintains a professional demeanor while attending an event.

Her Relationship Is In Good Hands With Her

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Despite their divergent routes in life, their partnership never had any major setbacks. Throughout his career, the player paid little notice to the overwhelming feminine attention lavished on him. They both want to improve their personal and professional lives without interfering with one another’s objectives.

Sophie never allowed her husband’s celebrity or wealth stand in the way of her career goals.  Sophie and Jan were dating before to their wedding in 2014. So they’ve been together for seven years. After barely a year of marriage, she gave birth to their first daughter, Leyla. Two years later, their kid was born.

Despite his hectic schedule, Jan makes time for his family in his free time. They have a third kid together, which keeps their calendar jam-packed. The pair is often seen on the beach, socializing with friends, or going on a romantic nighttime date. The couple’s favorite vacation destination is Hawaii.

She Isn’t Interested In Using Social Media She Isn’t Interested In Using Social

Sophie never flaunts her WAG position, but she is a staunch supporter of her husband’s profession. Because she is too busy with her job and family, she does not have any social media profiles. Sophie, on the other hand, dislikes receiving attention from strangers.

There aren’t many photos of the stunning brunette floating around, but Jan’s Instagram account has a handful. The pictures of the pair go back to when they were dating, providing a lovely chronicle of their relationship.

Sophie is very modest, as shown by her lovely smile. She has carved out a successful career for herself and is an excellent mother to her three children. Sophie goes on Jan’s trips with him, but she never shares her photos. The lovely lady has all she needs in life, and she continues to try to improve it.

Sophie is a role model for everyone striving to achieve their objectives. She walks through life with a grin on her face and is surrounded by those that important to her. She is a perfect example of living one’s own life regardless of what society expects.