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What’s It Like to Start a Nutrition Coaching Business on the Side?

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If you’re a health nut or you’re just trying to get by doing the diet and exercise thing but find yourself getting fed up with it and want something to supplement it.. let me introduce you to the world of nutritional coaching. This is a business model that can be used for anyone with a passion for helping others. The best part about it is that it can be done on the side with little to no overhead costs. If you’re interested in learning more about nutritional coaching or want to get started in it.. just send me a message and I’d be happy to answer any questions you have. I’m sure you’ll be just as satisfied with the results as I am.

Nutrition, fitness, and healthy eating are huge topics today—and nutrition coaching can be a way to help clients achieve their health and fitness goals. But what’s the best way to start a nutrition coaching business on the side?

When you’re starting a business, you have a lot of factors you have to consider. One of the most important is how you’re going to make money to cover your startup costs. Because of this, many people decide to get a second job, in order to make some extra money. In this post, we’re going to discuss how you can make money by coaching others..

Things weren’t going as planned for Nehal Solaiman, who was in the third trimester of her pregnancy.

Solaiman didn’t need a doctor to tell her what she already knew: she was gaining weight too fast as a clinical pharmacist.

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, thank you very much, she thought.

However, it found out that her decreased thyroid production wasn’t the only problem. Solaiman suffered gestational diabetes as well. Her baby was growing too large, too fast due to her blood sugar levels being higher than usual, putting her at danger for a variety of problems.

Solaiman, PN1, who worked at a hospital in Alexandria, Egypt, says, “I wanted to become healthy without dieting or deprivation.” “In order to assist myself, I attempted to study all I could about nutrition.”

Her efforts were rewarded. Solaiman no longer had gestational diabetes during the third trimester, and she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

She went on to obtain a nutrition certification from and then start a side company as a nutrition coach as a result of her experience.

What motivates someone with a full-time job to establish a part-time nutrition coaching business?

We wondered the same thing. So we inquired.

Solaiman discusses what she learnt through a certification that transformed her life in this interview. She also discusses how she managed to get ten customers amid a worldwide epidemic and why she enjoys being a nutrition coach so much.

If you’re considering of obtaining a nutrition certification or starting a side business as a coach, her responses will be helpful.

In addition to her hectic clinical pharmacy job, Nehal Solaiman has a lucrative side business as a nutrition coach.

What can a nutrition certification teach healthcare professionals?

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After utilizing nutrition to overcome her gestational diabetes, Solaiman found a new mission: to assist other women facing similar difficulties.

She said she wants to assist people understand their bodies and learn how to lose weight without dieting.

Solaiman had studied nutrition and biology as part of her pharmaceutical education. But she had no idea how to assist others in making changes. It was one thing to tell someone that broccoli was healthy for them; it was quite another to tell them that broccoli was excellent for them. It was quite another to get them to consume it.

“I didn’t want to simply give them a document and send them home as a nutrition coach,” she adds. “I intended to assist them in changing their habits, such as sleeping better, reducing stress, and overcoming emotional eating and other obstacles.”

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Why are medical practitioners a suitable match for the certification?

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Solaiman didn’t need to know anything about the Krebs cycle, metabolic pathways, or the function of particular vitamins and minerals. That was no problem for her.

The skill of coaching was what she was lacking. How could she really assist individuals in changing, given the many obstacles that stood in their way? “PN filled a need for me,” Solaiman adds. “Coaching psychology was the focus of Units 1 and 3—which I really enjoyed. Everything was fresh to me.”

The focus on profound health coaching, which helps individuals flourish in all aspects of their life, clinched the deal.

What motivates a working pharmacist and mother to start a second business?

Solaiman was working at a hospital at the time of the COVID epidemic.

Her son, Younis, was only a year old at the time, and she had no intention of catching the virus at work and then bringing it home with him.

As a result, she took a break from work.

She started an internet tutoring company partially to make money, but it was much more than that for her.

She viewed this as a long-term professional decision that would allow her to assist others improve their lives.

How can you expand your coaching company in the midst of a pandemic?

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It all began naturally when her sister-in-law discovered Solaiman’s new certification as a nutrition consultant.

Solaiman explains, “She was a nursing mother, and she heard how I’d changed my health throughout my pregnancy.” “She wanted to reduce weight, but not by following a rigid ‘eat this, don’t eat that’ diet.”

Solaiman scheduled weekly Zoom sessions as well as daily check-ins.

Her sister-in-law lost more weight than she anticipated in three months: 30 pounds (14 kilograms). Solaiman adds, “She told me she never felt deprived.” “This new way of eating has turned into a way of life for her.”

Solaiman was soon contacted by her sister, three additional inlaws, and their friends for assistance. Solaiman started advertising her tutoring services on Instagram about this time.

She had ten regular clients six months after landing her first.

What is Solaiman’s winning formula?

COVID allows Solaiman to conduct all of its customer contacts online. She meets with each client twice a month via Zoom and provides daily assistance through WhatsApp.

“They may contact me on WhatsApp anytime they need assistance or are having difficulties,” she adds.

Her customers come to her looking to lose weight. Solaiman takes a holistic approach to helping patients, covering everything from sleep to stress to emotional eating.

“I attempt to learn all I can about them, including their lifestyle, work, family, stresses, sleep patterns, and everything else,” she adds.

She develops customized programs for each client, teaching them how to classify meals into “eat more,” “eat some,” and “eat less” categories using the Calculator. To ensure they receive enough lean protein and veggies, clients utilize hand portions—a simple technique that lets you rapidly assess how much to consume.

Solaiman adds, “I also assist them concentrate on making each meal a little bit better.” “Rather of totally giving up things they like, they learn to alter their cooking techniques, portion sizes, and meal timing.”

Is she going to go back to clinical pharmacy?

She replies, “Yes, she will.”

She will, however, continue to coach nutrition on the side.

“I hope that one day nutrition counseling will be my primary career and clinical pharmacy will be a side job,” she adds. “I like assisting others. As a pharmacist, I can do that, but as a nutrition coach, I can assist even more people.”

Solaiman aspires to work mainly with women.

“They frequently don’t understand why they’re fatigued or gaining weight,” she adds. “I want them to realize that this is about their health, not their appearance. How you feel is mostly determined by your blood sugar, insulin response, and hormonal balance. When those variables are brought into a healthy range, people tend to lose weight. But they don’t have to be concerned with the size or the numbers to succeed.”

If you’re a coach or wish to be one…

It’s both an art and a science to guide clients, patients, friends, or family members through healthy food and lifestyle adjustments in a manner that’s tailored to their individual body, tastes, and circumstances.

Consider the Level 1 Certification if you want to learn more about both.

The typical morning routine for nutritionists begins at 6:30 AM, when they begin their personal training sessions before heading to work. The remainder of the day is spent training clients, researching articles, and meeting with suppliers to buy the ingredients needed to create their unique and effective meal plans..

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money does a nutrition coach make?

A nutrition coach can make anywhere from $50,000 to $150,000 per year.

How do I start a nutrition coaching business?

There are many ways to start a nutrition coaching business. One way is to create a blog and sell your own ebooks or courses on the topic. You can also offer free consultations for people who are interested in starting their own diet, and charge them for more personalized help.

How do nutrition coaches get clients?

Nutrition coaches get clients by advertising their services in the local community and then meeting with potential clients.