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Legendary Players on WoW Servers

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To gain popularity, players start streaming and posting videos of successful games. But this is the situation now. Decades ago, when streaming channels weren’t common, gamers could win the respect of others as well. Some showed incredible skill in the game, others took part in the events that have made WoW history. With WoW boosting you can purchase the armor that will lead you to victory.

Famous players continue to play World of Warcraft today. Naturally, they have become much more experienced, so it is very difficult to beat such a gamer. It is worth noting that many legends don’t just play for themselves — they take part in charitable events, providing tremendous support to people in various fields. The seven best players of our time are presented below.


Many teenagers have heard about Swifty — this is a famous creator of interesting content. When WoW was just picking up steam, this player became a real inspiration for PVP. His character is a night elf. He received the title of Grand Marshall. During the game, he used all sorts of tricks:

  • items and weapons that increase endurance;
  • errors;
  • regularly boosted the character.

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Since his skills were at a high level, building a career wasn’t difficult. When he started streaming, he talked about his ideas. These were the first videos that helped beginners understand the rules of the game. Until now, his useful broadcasts are stored on the Internet and add popularity to Swifty.


This gamer was the first of those who successfully combined PVP and trolling. His legendary status began in Menethil Harbor, where there were many Alliance players. This is a low-level area located in the swams. The only convenient place to go to Kalimdor from Auberdine. It was called the Angwe hunting ground. He was a gangster who easily killed characters out of the blue. Many players avoided him to not fall into his hands.

Everyone was amazed at how skillfully he hid from enemies. He went unnoticed in any part of the game. It was impossible to defeat him if the level of the district was low. After injuring or killing players, he recorded conversations, in which the main part was trolling. The screenshots remained online, so now anyone can see them and envy Angwe’s skill.


It’s hard to imagine that a tauren farmer could gain popularity. But thanks to him, many of those who played in 2008 were able to go on a real quest, which consisted in finding a lost dog. Akhab Whithoff offered players to find his faithful friend. He always stood near the bridge near the village of Bloodhoof. In real life it was Ezra Chatterton, a man of a difficult fate.

He was diagnosed with brain cancer. He turned to the Make a Wish Foundation, where he was helped to create an interesting character in World of Warcraft. Its advantage was unusual items. He also had an epic animal and a crossbow in his arsenal, which he used with unprecedented dexterity.


Dysphoria’s adventure began in Azeroth. This woman hunted the night elves. High skills brought her unprecedented fame. She could easily induce death, set terrible traps, and used kiting. Many players couldn’t get out of her dungeon, where she became a real queen.

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One of the tasks that was impossible to complete without special skills was to get to the ogres throne. The goal is to save the lives of the guards who were watching the security in the Forgotten City. A group of characters could not complete the mission in any way, while Dysphoria coped with it alone.


The character’s cute name didn’t mean that he was not capable of anything. The player is Bashir Boumaaz born in Belgium. He attracted the major attention with his broadcasts, which he began filming in 2007. He has achieved an unprecedented skill in the game that is beyond the control of ordinary gamers. This was the first player to reach level 85 with the Paladin (but not with Athena).

His impudence and ruthlessness in the game doesn’t mean that the player has the same qualities in life. Bowmaaz is also known for supporting many charity funds, one of which is Save the Children. In 2013, there was an event where he was able to raise more than $10 billion using his Twitch account.


Not so long ago, no one heard of him. But the humble dwarf quickly gained popularity. He was helped by reaching the first contradictory world. He got to the level 60. It took him 4 days to set the record. The Method guilds remained behind him. Other gamers were outraged, because it is impossible to achieve such a result without cheating.

In fact, it turned out that the only thing he used was layering. He has no other accounts. The controversy didn’t subside, which made Jokerd one of the most popular players of our time.


Vurtne became famous for his unprecedented skill. He was called the grandfather of PvP mages. No Alliance player class could resist his power. He used numerous skills (including engineering) to boost the character as much as possible.

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His character looked incredibly cool. You can find confirmation of this fact on YouTube. A distinctive feature of the filmed videos is in their editing — heavy rock plays in each video, which makes the atmosphere even more exciting.

Not only skill but also high-quality uniforms helped him to reach unprecedented heights in his class. Each player chooses suitable items to conquer other gamers and stay on top. Few people manage to win the first time, so it’s worth learning the basic techniques of the legendary players to gain experience and become the best. Many streaming videos are still online, and the strategies used by these players have become legendary.