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Working Methods to Fix The Default Gateway Is Not Available on Windows

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The internet is a fantastic tool for people to accomplish all sorts of things. I get a lot of questions about how to fix the default gateway is not available on Windows. And it’s a very common thing here on the internet. So, to help you out I have decided to write this article in order to give a step by step guide.

As Internet Explorer has become the most dominant web browser in the world, there many times is the need to open multiple tabs and run many different websites at the same time. For that, there are many ways to work with multiple IE windows, one of the most popular is the “IE Cluster”, which open as a group of instances and allows you access to many websites at the same time.

Ever wondered why the default gateway is not available in Windows? Here’s how you can fix the issue.

If your Internet or Wifi connection on your PC is constantly disrupting you, you may be experiencing an issue where the default gateway is not accessible. Because of the internet connection issues that have plagued Windows 10, the default gateway is not accessible. The message “Default gateway is not accessible” indicates that the Wifi or Internet connection is down or broken.

If you get the warning “The Default Gateway Is Not Available,” restart your computer and run this Troubleshooter again. It may happen for a variety of reasons, including improper IP addresses, ISP configuration settings, and McAfee security collection issues, as well as corrupt or outdated drivers, inaccurate network settings, inappropriate router frequency, incorrect Power Management settings, and more.

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What is the Default Gateway, and what does it do?

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A default gateway (DG) is a piece of hardware that allows several networks to communicate with one another. It allows tools on one network to send information to devices on different networks. The router or modem that is associated with the LAN connection to the Internet serves as a default gateway for all network components in a house or small office. In general, the default gateway establishes a local Internet connection.

In Linux systems, you may use IP, route, and Netstat orders to find the default gateway. If the IP pack on different node examples cannot find the right set of rules and techniques to use to deliver the packet to the target address, the default gateway will be used for the extra routing process.

How Do I Fix This Issue (The Default Gateway Isn’t Working)?

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1st, remove McAfee Antivirus from your PC:

McAfee software solutions, according to many applications, may occasionally restrict your internet connection. As a result, if you have any McAfee software installed on your computer, the first and most important thing you should do is uninstall McAfee Antivirus to fix the default gateway issue.

  1. First and foremost, you must mention “Settings” in the Windows Find box. Then, from the search results, choose the “Settings” option.
  2. After that, go to Windows Settings and choose the “Apps” option.
  3. Now type “McAfee” into the Find box and choose the McAfee program you want to remove.
  4. After that, you must choose the “Uninstall” option.
  5. Select the “Uninstall” option once again to ensure that you want to get rid of McAfee.
  6. You must exit the Settings window and restart your computer after uninstalling the McAfee program.

2: Change your IP address:

  • To begin, hit the Windows+R keys on your keyboard to open a new window on your computer.
  • Then type “cmd” and hit “Ctrl+Shift+Enter” to open the Command Prompt window with directive laws.
  • You must list the instructions one by one in the “Command Prompt” box, then click the “Enter” tab after each one to execute them sequentially on your PC.
  • Last but not least, close your Command Prompt window.
  • After that, restart your computer. Reconnect your computer to the network after restarting it.

3: Bring NAD up to date (Network Adapter Driver)

  1. To start the Device Manager, first open the “Run dialog box” by pressing the Windows + R keys together, and then enter devmgmt.msc into it.
  2. Increase the NAD and push on the right side of the Network Adapter, then select the “Properties” option after opening the Device Manager window.
  3. Now choose the “Driver” tab and select “Update Network Adapter Driver.”
  4. Select the “Browse my PC for driver program” option in the next box, and then “Let Me Choose from a Collection of device Drivers on My PC” option.
  5. You must deselect the “Show suitable hardware” option in the Network Adapter section.
  6. The Network Adapter Driver must be selected first, followed by the Next option.
  7. It will ask whether you want to upgrade the drivers. If you answered yes, then click the “Yes” button to begin the process.

4: Modify the (Network Adapter Power Management) Configuration

The default gateway is not accessible problem on your PC may also be resolved by changing the Network Adapter’s Power Management option. To make changes to the settings, follow the steps outlined below.

  • You must type “Device Manager” into the search box and then choose the first result.
  • Discover and push on the right side of the network adapter after you’ve gotten to the Device Manager panel.
  • Then, from the menu option, choose the “Properties” button.
  • Remove the checkbox from the “Permit the PC to Power Off this Device to Protect Power” option in the Network Adapter’s Power Management tab.
  • Finally, save the modifications by using the “OK” button.

5: Use the reset command in Netshell:

Using the command prompt, we modify the TCP/IP settings to fix the default gateway is not accessible TP-link issue.

  1. To solve the “The Default Gateway Is Not Available” issue, use the Command Prompt command.
  2. Then, using the Windows + X keys, launch the Command Prompt option.
  3. When it begins, say the Netshint IP reset and then press the “Enter” key.
  4. When the procedure is finished, you must exit the Command Prompt and restart your computer.

6: Verify the Power-Saving Mode:

  • If you’re using a Windows computer or laptop, you’ll need to choose the Power mode option.
  • Typically, laptop candidates utilize wifi, and if you’re doing the same but getting an error notice, you’ll need to check different Power Saving Mode options.
  • To fix this problem, visit the Control Panel and then choose the Hardware and Sound tab. Following that, you must hit the “Power” button.
  • Then, for the specific plan, choose the “Reset Plan Settings” option.
  • After that, choose the “Reset Improved Power Settings” option.
  • Make sure that the Maximum Display option is turned on.

7: Disable Anti-Virus Software Temporarily:

Anti-virus software is often the culprit when it comes to internet connectivity and network problems. Because of the internet connections, your PC displays the message default gateway is not accessible in Windows 7, 8, 9, and also in Windows 10.

However, we cannot be certain that this is the source of the problem, so we must first determine if anti-virus software is to blame.

To check this, temporarily deactivate the anti-virus programs using the methods listed below.

  • Right-click the task bar and choose Task Manager from the menu.
  • If the task manager is open in compact mode, click the mode details button.
  • Change to the start-up tab using the header menu at the top of the window.
  • To deactivate the program, go to the bottom-right corner of your window and choose disable.
  • After you’ve completed this procedure, restart the computer to see whether the network connection is still active.

8: Reset Internet Preferences:

Wi-Fi may cause issues with certain internet connections. The default gateway is unavailable if it is not correctly connected. A issue with Windows 9 or Windows 10 occurs.

This issue can be addressed by following these instructions.

  •  Check for network caption in the settings, then right-click on it.
  • Select open network internet settings and then modify your network settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Now choose Change Adapter Settings from the menu options, which will display the ethernet settings.
  • You may see disable and enable there; click deactivate and wait for a while.
  •  After some time has passed, choose the enable option and double-check your

9: Turning Off The Auto Login Feature:

Auto login is a new function that was introduced to Windows 10, and as a result of this feature, the default gateway is not accessible in Windows 10 on a regular basis.

Please resolve this problem. Make sure you remember your password each time you log in so that your computer runs smoothly and no network problems occur.

The PC will not automatically login unless you provide the password to the login if you retain the password.

10: Change The Wireless Router’s Frequency:

Newer routers support frequencies up to 5GHz, but your existing adaptor does not.

As a result, reduce the existing adapter frequency to 2.4 GHz from 5 GHz. Many individuals have reported that their network problems have been resolved as a result of this change.

The issue of showing default gateway is not accessible in Windows message frequently may be addressed by adjusting the wireless router’s frequency.

Final Thoughts:

There are many problems with the Internet, and one of them is the default gateway is not accessible error. This issue may be caused by McAfee’s software or obsolete network adapter drivers. These are the top ten ways for resolving the default gateway not accessible in Windows 10 issue on your computer. To minimize the internet connection issues linked to gateway in Windows 10, carefully follow all of the instructions listed.


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That is a common issue when you have a Windows PC, the default gateway gets deleted by Microsoft. And that often results in you not able to access the internet from your PC. But you don’t need to panic. You can easily fix this issue..

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix the default gateway is not available?

The default gateway is not available because your router does not support the WPA2-Enterprise security protocol. You will need to upgrade your router to a newer model that supports this protocol.

What does it mean that the default gateway is not available?

The default gateway is unavailable.

How do you restore the default gateway?

The default gateway is the address of your router. To restore it, you can either change your routers settings or go to this website and enter in the information for your router.