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Biggest Controversies in American Policy in the Last 75 Years

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The need for controversies becomes necessary when it comes to amendments in policies and laws in the constitution. It not only creates awareness among the general public but also motivates them to actively participate in controversies and give their opinion on matters regarding their country with the help of news media, social media, public debates, etc.

Looking at the past, the impact of controversies has made a greater impact on the United States policies leading to an environment where you can freely give your opinion on something for the betterment of society. According to Scott Cooper Miami Beach, talking about controversies in the United States, the controversy on Rick Scott’s consultant for using ice penis to hump mannequins went viral on the internet.

Biggest controversies in American policy

The Civil Rights Movement

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The Civil Rights Movement has been in controversy in American policy for a long time. It started way back in 1954 that demanded an end to racial discrimination, disenfranchisement, and racial segregation. This movement was led by African-Americans and was in controversy for a long time. The struggle for this movement ended in 1968 and was the most substantial struggle in the United States.

The Civil Rights controversy formed groups, societies, and organizations between those who believed and supported greater racial equality and those who wanted a white racial hierarchy. The Civil Rights provided freedom, social justice, and protection to black Americans.

Climate change

The climate change controversy has been a matter of concern for a long time. Climate change has been a global concern and made an adverse impact on weather cycles, wildlife, nature, and also on human health. The unrestricted human activity has led to a significant rise in the earth’s temperature.

There have been several policies adopted by the American government and other world leaders to control climate change. However, many political leaders and industrial advocates have stated that changes in climatic patterns are a natural phenomenon and it has nothing to do with human intervention. There is no doubt human activities and the increasing population is the primary reason for climate change.



Abortion has always been amongst the controversies that caused the most divisive opinions. The never-ending struggle over the legitimacy of abortion in the United States has led to several protests. The controversy between those who are against the practice of abortion and those who believe women have the right to make decisions over their bodies.

Some believe that privacy must be protected by constitutional rights, and others limiting the practice of abortion and re-criminalize abortion. There have been several political disagreements and amendments in American policies. The debate over abortion has also carried political, religious, and legal inferences far away.

Women Rights

Women’s Rights are a never-ending struggle not only in the United States but all over the globe. Women have been deprived and restricted from enjoying their rights of citizenship. Several activists, political leaders, and non-profit organizations have been upholding women’s rights and constantly improving gender equality.

This controversy regarding women’s rights has been strongly disagreed with by opposition parties of this movement. They believe gender equality already exists, and biologically, women are inferior to men and cannot perform every activity that a man can do. This movement has made several amendments in the American constitution, improving women’s rights through political service and public participation.

Minimum Wage

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For decades workers have been working for a low wage rate as compared to the amount of work they do. This made several protests amongst the employees and workers in demand for a fair minimum wage for their services. The controversy between the believers of minimum wage support and strongly favors fundamental rights for a minimum wage to support the living expenses of the workers.

On the contrary, groups who are against providing fundamental rights to give a minimum wage might mislead the workers into not working properly. Also, this lays economic pressure on employers to give minimum wage to their employees. In compliance with this, the minimum wage act has been amended in the United States policies providing minimum fair wages to employees and workers.

Gun Control

The implementation of gun control policies has been aimed towards stopping gun violence in the United States. The controversy lay an impact on the arguments over legal implications of constitutional rights to own a gun legally, and the current health crisis has increased gun violence, and restrictions must be made regarding manufacturing, sales, and ownership of guns.

Others state that it will be defamation of the constitution and the United States policies if such regulations are implemented, and there will be no effect on reducing gun violence as people can still buy firearms illegally. The percentage of gun ownership in the United States is too high, and the construction needs stricter laws to control mass shootings, public violence, and suicides.

Police Brutality

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Police Brutality is a matter of concern and has always been in controversy for years. The unnecessary force and demeaning behavior by the police officers have exploited the rights of millions of individuals and harassing individuals publicly over and over again. The controversy lies in the extent of force a law enforcement officer must use on suspects, prisoners, or the general public.

Some support to the unlawful behavior of police brutality and violent methods of engagement must be adopted while engagement with those who don’t cooperate with the law and enforcement officers while they are performing their duty, on the contrary, the general public demands for using the minimum amount of force and reduce police brutality during controlling an incident or arresting a suspect or criminal.

Wrapping Up

In history, there have been several controversies related to American policy, and amendments in constitutional rights have been made over the decades. Whenever the policies and rules needed changing, controversies have been raised amongst the general public.

There is no limit to the arising controversies now and then. These were some of the biggest controversies in American policy over the past decades.