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Coconut Fat Bombs | 3 Ingredients

We’ve all been there: You’ve come home from work and know you need to eat but just don’t know what to eat. The only answer is to open a container of some kind of nut butter, right? Well, not anymore.

Have you ever wondered how to use coconut oil in your daily routine? If you have, then you may want to check out my coconut fat bombs. These fat bombs are super easy to make and taste delicious. No need to be confused with different ingredients, or to get sugar from a jar. This is the real simple way to have a gooey fudge bomb with three ingredients.

Fat bombs are a staple in the low-carb foodie world. They’re just small bars of protein combined with unsaturated fat and/or a few other goodies that are meant to curb appetite and torch fat. I’ve made fat bombs myself, and I know that some of the recipes that follow are simple, but they are also tasty and work!

Every single ingredient is made of coconut!

Occasionally, I’ll have a crazy concept in my head that fails miserably when put to the test. That was not the case this time! I intended to make coconut fat bombs with enough coconut taste to satisfy even the most ardent coconut enthusiasts. With these three-ingredient Coconut Fat Bombs, I was able to do just that! That’s not all, though. We’ve even created a recipe video to demonstrate how to cook them. These are really simple, however some people enjoy watching videos!  

What’s the Big Deal with Fat Bombs?

What a great question! I used to be a skeptic of the fat bomb craze, but now I’m a believer in its magnificence! Not only are these delicious, but they’re also a terrific method to supplement fat, something many people on the keto diet struggle with. It’s a lot easier to get enough fat on a daily basis when you have a portable “bomb” waiting for you in the fridge/freezer. We’ve been using fat bombs a lot more in the previous few months to increase our fat intake, and we’re thrilled with the results!   coconut fat bombs overhead

Ingredients with Notes

The list of ingredients for these coconut fat bombs is as simple as it gets. However, there are a few things to consider while selecting your ingredients. The big one is the coconut flakes. Make sure it’s unsweetened, and if you can locate it, go for the more finely shredded varieties. The finer the shredded coconut, the more evenly distributed the flakes will be, and they will not rise to the top as much. The Coconut Milk is the next item to think about. Check the nutrition label because coconut milk has a lot of hidden ingredients! Look for a version that only has coconut milk and a few other ingredients. Per serving, there should be roughly 2g of carbohydrates.   coconut fat bombs stacked

There are several levels to this.

That is, the sweetness levels! Although I stated that there are three components, the fourth is optional. Stevia! Of course, the amount you use influences how delicious the coconut fat bombs are. They’re lovely and lightly sweetened with the 20 drops in this recipe. Add more if you want these coconut fat bombs to be dessert-like. 30-40 drips are most likely.   Coconut fat bombs  

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Coconut fat bombs. You may have heard of them. They’re the new flavor that is sweeping the nation, and the blogosphere too. An interesting topic to have in your arsenal as a blogger, no? They’re a little different than other fat bombs on the market. While most have a very limited flavor selection, the coconut ones have a twin brother, far more flavorful than the original and with a lot more options. The coconut fat bombs come in three flavors: original, lemon and coconut. The original has a subtle coconut taste and the lemon is a bright, tart taste that is perfect for making a post-workout recovery shake. The coconut fat bombs are a little different than most, as they’re a bit more sweet than the lemon. Read more about coconut fat bombs no bake and let us know what you think.

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Fat bombs are a type of food that is made by adding fat to a food item. They are typically used as a weight loss tool, but they can also be eaten for flavor and texture.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How many fat bombs can you eat per day?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are fat bombs made of?

Fat bombs are a type of food that is made by adding fat to a food item. They are typically used as a weight loss tool, but they can also be eaten for flavor and texture.

How many fat bombs can you eat per day?

I dont know what a fat bomb is.

Is toasted coconut keto-friendly?

Toasted coconut is not keto-friendly.

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