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5 Exercises and Yoga Poses to Keep Your Toes Happy |

The human body is a sensitive machine that responds to changes in the environment. In a nutshell, that means you can’t rely on your body to function as it is anymore. Rather, you have to adapt to your changing surroundings in order to stay healthy. This is where yoga comes in. Yoga is a flexibility and health-boosting practice that helps you connect your body to your mind. Here are five exercises and poses to keep your toes happy:

We are all in favor of healthy living, but sometimes our bodies can be stubborn to work out. If you are having trouble keeping up with a regular fitness routine, try these five exercises that will keep your toes happy, and any other part of your body, too.

There’s nothing more miserable than having a sore toe. Not only are your toes sore, but the pain can spread to your entire foot. How do you keep your toes happy and healthy?  Answer: by stretching and exercising them! Here are 5 yoga poses and exercises you can do to help keep your feet happy and healthy.

Forget pedicures and colored nail polish. The best thing you can do for your feet is to keep your toes happy and healthy!

I grew up in Finland, a country covered in snow and ice for most of the year. It is a country with short summers and long winters. At least I spent a lot more time in thick boots and thick wool socks than I did walking around barefoot.

Everything changed when I moved to the tropics and stopped wearing shoes. Like the rest of my body, my toes responded very well to the change. They have become more supple, and I can now spread them out, which used to be almost impossible. Before, I felt like my toes were stuck together and didn’t move much!

What is a lucky foot?

After I started living without shoes, I started paying more attention to my feet. People hardly ever wear shoes here. They wear flip-flops and often work barefoot, especially the local fishermen on their boats. I noticed that his feet were shaped very differently than mine.

I learned that the natural shape of the foot is similar to what I see here: wide at the ball of the foot, toes spread, lots of space between the toes, even when the foot is relaxed. For us shoe wearers, normal shoes create a narrow foot. Little toes are often twisted from years of lack of space and we have problems like bunions or flat feet.

But imagine: If you never take care of your toes, how will they work when you’re old? No nail polish will bring them back to life after decades of inactivity!

How can yoga help you keep your toes alive? Leg problems are also associated with knee or hip pain and misalignment. But even if you have to wear shoes most of the time, there are many yoga poses that will help you keep your toes happy and healthy!

1. Roll a tennis ball under your feet.

To open the soles of your feet, roll a tennis ball under each foot for a few minutes. In doing so, you massage many pressure points on the sole of the foot. This also frees up the long line of fascia that starts under the feet and runs along the back of the body to the top of the head.

2. Strengthen your toes.

To train the toes and arch, start with Tadasana, the mountain pose. Stand firmly on both feet and distribute your weight evenly.

Start by lifting all toes while keeping the rest of the foot on the mat. Then lift only the big toe and press the rest of the toes against the mat. Then press the big toe against the mat and lift the other four toes. Finally, try to lift the big toe and the little toe together and press the middle three toes against the mat.

At this point you will be fully focused, because it is quite a challenge!

3. Squat with toe extension

To perform the toe squat, get on all fours with your toes under you so that your weight rests on your feet. You can sit up straight, but as this can be quite hard on your toes, you can alternatively keep your hands on the floor. You can also lean forward and put your elbows on the floor.

You can start with one minute and work up to a 2 to 3 minute wait. When you want to get out, slowly release your hands, lean on your palms and knees, and lift your toes without moving them first. Feel a surge of energy in your feet before slowly moving your toes.

4. Reinforcement pins.

Strong ankles make for happy, healthy feet. You can start with the Dandasana pose. Point your toes away from you, then bring them back toward you. This strengthens the muscles around the ankles and increases mobility.

5. Braid your fingers and toes together.

Sit in Badhakonasana, the butterfly, and cross your toes with the tips of your feet. Another variation is to intertwine the toes of both feet. This creates more space between your toes, allowing them to spread more and stretching your toe muscles.

When we pay attention to our feet and toes, we not only gain health, but we can also show gratitude to these body parts that carry us throughout the day.

Feet are not just a pretty accessory, they are an important part of our bodies. Our feet are critical in helping us walk, run and jump, and they play a crucial role in mobility.. Read more about screaming toe pose benefits and let us know what you think.


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