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5 best mirror backup software tools [Free & Paid]

Backup is an essential tool for anyone who uses a computer, but it’s a complicated process that often results in wasted time and wasted money. That’s why we’ve gathered the coolest backup tools for your use, both free and paid.

The answer to the question “how do I backup my computer?” is rarely “simple”. The truth is there are a lot of different ways you can go about backing up your data on your computer. You might want to use Backblaze or Carbonite. You might want to use Bitcasa or Mozy. You might want to use some ad-supported cloud solution like Dropbox or OneDrive. You might want to use some free backup solution like NextCloud or Dropbox. You might want to use some paid backup solution such as Crashplan or Mozy. And there are other alternatives as well. I found a few free and paid solutions for mirroring; however, I found nothing that would work for me

Mirror backup software tools are important tools available to all computer users. These tools are used to back up files and folders stored on a computer hard drive and to keep track of all the data stored on a computer. There are different types of mirror backup software tools available in the market.


23rd of July, 2023

Publish date: September 2023

  • The easiest strategy to protect your files from file loss is to back them up periodically.
  • There are various backup options, and in today’s article, we’ll show you how to use the finest mirror backup program.
  • Are you interested in learning more about file backup? This article about backup software is a good place to start.
  • Do you want to learn more about file recovery? We have a full section dedicated to data recovery.


Your hard drive will ultimately fail, which is why you should keep a backup on hand. There are other backup options, however mirror backup may be the best option for some people.

There are various backup applications available, but we’ll focus on mirror backup software in this article and offer you our top selections.


We have to mention True Image by Acronis if you’re seeking for a mirror backup program. While in use, the software will make an exact replica of your system without interfering with your normal tasks.

You can also transfer your local backup to Acronis’ hybrid cloud if necessary, ensuring that you have an extra copy of your backup.

You can use Encryption with AES-256 to ensure that your data is completely secure at all times. The Acronis Survival Kit function allows you to boot your system from an external device if necessary.

The program also includes an antivirus scanner and a web filtering tool that protects you from harmful websites.

Acronis True Image is excellent backup software, and it’s ideal if you require a mirror backup for your PC or Mac.

Acronis True Image has the following features:

  • Full mirror backups are supported.
  • Backups can be created in the background.
  • AES-256 encryption
  • Acronis hybrid cloud backup is supported.
  • Antivirus scanner built-in


Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image is a powerful backup program that allows you to create full mirror backups.


A Reliable Back-Up is a wonderful mirror backup software that you might want to look into. You can back up your files to local/external disks, NAS, FTP server, and cloud storage with the app.

Full, incremental, and differential backups are all supported by the software. Compression and encryption are also offered, ensuring that your backups are both safe and tiny.

It’s worth noting that the software allows both synchronization and data mirroring, so you can rest easy knowing that all of your files are backed up and synchronized.

Notifications via email and detailed logging are also included in the software, so you’ll be notified if there are any problems with the backup process.

Overall, Handy Backup has a lot of useful features, and it’s worth looking into if you need a mirror backup program.

Features that make a good backup:

  • Full, incremental, and differential backups are all possible.
  • Support for compression and encryption
  • Support for data mirroring and synchronization
  • Notifications via email
  • Backup to local/external devices, NAS, cloud storage, and an FTP server are all options.


Handy Backup

Mirror backups, full backups, incremental backups, and differential backups are all supported by Handy Backup.


AOMEI Backupper Professional is another amazing mirror backup software that we’d like to show you. System, UEFI, GPT to MBR, and customized cloning are all supported by the application.

System, drive, partition, and file backups are all possible using the software. You may also use file synchronization and mirroring tools to ensure that you have an exact copy of your data.

In addition to incremental and differential backups, AOMEI Backupper Professional has a command-line backup tool for expert users.

When it comes to file backup, it’s worth noting that the software offers backup destinations such as local/external disks, optical discs, NAS, and cloud storage.

Overall, AOMEI Backupper Professional is a wonderful mirror backup software with a lot of capabilities, so give it a shot.

AOMEI Backupper Professional has the following features:

  • Backup of disks, partitions, and files is supported.
  • Mirroring and synchronization of files
  • Backups might be incremental or differential.
  • Files can be backed up to local and external disks, NAS, and cloud storage.
  • Support for the command line


Backupper by Aomei

Aomei Backupper is backup software that allows you to create complete and mirror backups of your system.


Full, differential, incremental, and mirror backups are all possible using Backup4All’s mirror backup program. The software will determine the optimum backup option thanks to the smart backup feature.

It’s worth noting that the software backs up data in blocks, so it’ll only back up the minor sections that have changed since the last backup.

Backup4All allows you to include or exclude files from backups, as well as schedule and automate the entire backup process.

In terms of files, it’s worth noting that you can back up both open and locked files, ensuring that the software never gets in the way of your daily routine.

Backup4All also has a compression option, and it’s one of the backup software to consider because it supports mirror backups.

Features of Backup4All include:

  • Full, differential, incremental, and mirror backups are all supported.
  • Possibility of including or excluding specific files
  • Open and locked files can both be backed up.
  • Compression is built-in.
  • Scheduling a backup

=> Download Backup4All


If you’re seeking for a free backup/sync program, FreeFileSync could be just what you’re looking for. Simply select the source and destination folders and click the synchronization button to sync your data.

You can utilize network or local disks, Google Drive, or an FTP server as the designated drive. It’s also worth noting that there’s no limit to the quantity of files you can synchronize.

Advanced users will appreciate the application’s robust command line functionality, which allows for automated syncing as batch processes.

Email notifications are also provided, so you can easily stay informed about the progress of your backup. Of course, comprehensive error reporting is also accessible.

FreeFileSync is an excellent synchronization application that may also be used as a backup mirror. There’s no excuse not to use the tool because it’s entirely free.

Features of FreeFileSync include:

  • Free of charge
  • Files can be synced to local/network storage, Google Drive, or an FTP server.
  • Support for the command line
  • Email notifications
  • Error reporting in detail

=> Download FreeFileSync

Mirror backup software is particularly beneficial if you need an exact copy of your files. Have we forgotten about your preferred backup software? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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