Funke Philips writes about her frustration with getting chips at KFC. Something we take for granted but the dollar…


funke philips


Yesterday, I went to KFC because sometimes fitfam needs to take a break and junk food has to take over.

Anyway, I ordered for chicken and chips only for the guy behind the counter to tell me that they were out of stock for fries.

Ahn ahn,I don’t understand. What does ‘out of stock’ mean? Does that mean you want to fry another batch so I’d have to wait a few extra minutes?

No. He shook his head. They were OUT OF STOCK. There was no potato chips because their containers didn’t come because forex so aunty, can you please manage rice?



I was stunned. Wait a minute! Do you people import potato chips?

He nooded. I told him to call the manager or whoever was in charge. I needed to hear it from another person’s lips. That one too confirmed it.

I flatlined. I literally died.

We import potato my people. P.O.T.A.T.O. I couldn’t believe it. Or-di-na-ry potato fries o. I haven’t been so shocked in my entire life. I know we import a lot of things and you see those pre-cut fries in Shoprite and the rest but a big company like KFC imports potatoes too? Don’t we have potato farms in Nigeria? We really have a long way to go.

Anyway, I refused to buy rice because KFC without chips is like going to Olaiya Shitta and being told Amala has finished. Can you imagine such konkobility?

I vented to a friend about KFC and their imported potatoes only to have him tell me that even that yellow nylon bag Shoprite uses to pack your purchases are brought into the country from South Africa.

Or-di-na-ry nylon bag fa? Ha!

*flatlines again*


Funke‘s opinion. I write so I wouldn’t have to talk too much but I found out there wasn’t any difference. Random musings… head. Strictly my opinion…you don’t have to agree with me…life would be easier for you if you did tho?