An alleged burglar in Plateau State was trapped by a burglar proof, hindering his attempt to escape from a shop after looting it.


Robber Robber2



With his head stuck at the door of Zebra Barbers and Laundry, the burglar spent over 10 hours in the cold breeze of Jos wriggling to free himself until security agents came to free him by cutting the burglary irons to loosen the trapped head. The owner of Zebra Barbers & Laundry, Dan Dul, had come in in the morning to find the burglar stuck.


He said: “As I was entering the shop, I saw one young man, very vibrant young man, hanging in between my burglary. His head was hanging there. I asked him, ‘what are you doing here?’. He said I should come and help him, pleading and saying that he will explain. He even said he will give me his phone to hold so that I will help him


“I said I will help him if he could tell me why he was there”. The shop owner alerted the police after talks with the suspected burglar.

A classic case of every day is for the thief and one day is for the owner of the goods.