The immediate past Chief of Air Staff (CAS), Air Marshal Adesola Amosu has landed in trouble with the EFCC after the sum of $1 million was found in the family’s soakaway pit.

The EFCC has also arrested his wife, Lara in Abuja after N3 billion was traced to her bank accounts. She was allegedly holding the money in trust for her husband. The New Telegraph also reports that other properties traced to the former CAS were also being held by his wife and children.

Amosu was arrested two weeks ago by the EFCC over his involvement in the arms scandal. Investigations conducted showed that some of the monies the former Chief of Air Staff made through some contracts and procurements in NAF were traced to his wife’s accounts.

The $1 million cash was found in Amosu’s residence in Badagary after a thorough search of the residence. A fresh small ‘soakaway’ pit was discovered in the compound which the operatives found suspicious. Surprisingly, $1 million was found in it which was subsequently confiscated.