Birmingham, Alabama natives, Shera Grant and Shanta Owens were born just four minutes apart and are identical twins (Shanta Owens can however be distinguished by the mole beside her left eye). While sharing similar interests is very common with twins, these identical twin girls share some unusual and rare things in common.

The twins have both achieved the uncommon feat of both being district judges. While Shanta Owens has been a district court judge since 2008, Shera Grant just became a judge on the 28th of January 2016 and was officially sworn in as a Jefferson County District Court Judge by her twin sister, Shanta Owens.

The twins were raised by a single mother and librarian, Loretta Bitten, and the two developed a love of reading and a commitment to work hard and be respectful of others. After graduating from Alabama State University, both Shera and Shanta became certified legal beagles at Louisiana State University’s law school.

The two briefly parted ways in the Heart of Dixie when Shera went to Atlanta after graduating law school and Shanta returned to Birmingham, but the twin connection resumed when the sisters both found gigs as prosecutors.

Aside from having public service in common, Both Shera Grant and Shant Owens sons and daughters share the same birthdays and their husbands have been best friends since kindergarten.

Shera Grant is happily married to Daryl Grant, a Managing Director with Accenture. They have two beautiful children, Madelyn and Grey., Jr.

Shanta Owens is happily married to Rahman Owens. They have two beautiful children, Berkeley and August.

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The Twins with their mother and grandmother