Reactions have trailed the news of a woman, Yewande Oyediran who stabbed her husband to death in Ibadan.




38-year-old Lowo Oyediran Ajanaku, was stabbed to death with a knife by his wife, a lawyer at their Akobo estate home in Ibadan after a domestic dispute. She is reported to have stabbed him earlier in the day with a pair of scissors in the shoulder which he got treated for at the hospital.


According to his niece; Lowo was living in France where he had two children before getting married to Yewande in Ibadan.

Issues around his kids and their mother are said to have led to their arguments which resulted in the unfortunate incident which has generated all kinds of reactions.






One of her colleagues, who spoke with the Nigerian Tribune, described her as a very quiet, easy going lady who had never exhibited any trait of anger or aggression, expressing sadness that it was such a person that was being linked with murder.


According to another colleague; “Yewande is someone who can’t hurt a fly; she must have bottled up a lot of things that she refused to share with anyone,” one of her colleagues stated.


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