1) 100 Litres of Petrol


Nicely wrapped, this can be more impressive than you can imagine. Nigeria runs on petrol and it remains king. Be a big boy, make it 100 litres.



2) 2 cartons of Vaseline


The harmattan appears on and off but either way Vaseline is every girl’s friend. Be big, make it two cartons.


3) 500GB of fast Internet



Find out which network works best in her area and get a plan that will last for 12 months. You can both watch Netflix and chill and she will love you all year round.



4) Nollywood DVD Series


You know Nollywood never fails.



5) Cook her the best Jollof Rice ever


Yes, show her you can be a man in the kitchen too. No concoctions.



6) Book a N300,000 naira hotel in Lagos


If you do this one, she will never look at any other man. Hopefully :)