The time before going to bed is critical to ensure that one closes out the day that has passed and plans for the day ahead. It is also critical that the mind is calmed so that one has a restful sleep.

Based on research and conversation with successful people here are five things successful people do before they go to sleep




1) Spend Time with Family

Successful people often have a difficult time drawing the line between work and personal life, simply picking work back up upon arrival at home.

The time to decompress with family is essential. Make the most of your time with them.

2) Read

Successful people read prodigiously. The reading should not always be about topics related to work, mind you.

Reading fiction or non-fiction in fields not directly related to your own may also have the added benefit of providing unusual and less obvious insights to take to work, as so much innovation happens at the intersection of disciplines.

Old fashioned books and magazines are the better option before going to bed.

3) Plan in Order to Relax the Mind

Many people have difficulty drifting off to sleep at night because the still have the day’s events playing in their heads, and they are concerned about the day ahead. Reduce these concerns with some well timed planning.

According to Business Insider, American Express CEO Kenneth Chenault “likes to write down the top three things he wants to accomplish the next day. This helps him prioritize first thing the next morning.

4) Turn Off the Cellphone and Other Computing

The sounds emitted by mobile phones, computers, and tablets are needless distractions when you are drifting off to sleep. Quell that issue by turning them all off. This will allow you to focus on one thing at a time, whether it is your family, reading, or planning.

By having fewer distractions at the end of the day, ideas may surface. It is useful to have a notepad and a pen on your night stand (as opposed to your phone or tablet) to note these ideas when they occur to you.

5) Get Seven Hours of Sleep

There has been new sleep research that suggests that seven hours sleep may be better than the eight that your mother condoned. Whatever the number, though, getting enough sleep is crucial to ensure maximum memory and brain performance in the day ahead.

You might ask, ,”I thought the topic related to activities before sleeping, not while sleeping.” Planning the amount of time one sleeps is of critical importance, so working back from wake-up times to ensure that seven hours is achieved is optimal.