When you heard you were going on holiday, it felt like it would last forever, right? Now the holiday is over, you are back to the hustle and this is your story:

1. When you realized the holiday is over


2. This was you, this morning

tom cat

3. You hit the road and saw it like this


Shuu. Where is everybody?

4. The face you make when you see your boss vs “your real face”

mr. bean2

5. Your friends who worked during the holidays look at you complain like this

annoyed look

6. You thought it would be an easy day till you see your workload

7. You were about to get vexed and quit till you remember you spent your December salary on turn upsunderpaid

8. How you wish the day would run

fas time

9. But it goes like this

slow time

10. Suddenly, you remember the next holiday isn’t so soon

read last night

11. You waiting for the next holiday like


12. And calculating the next holiday turn-up



Keep calm. The next holiday has this message for you:

we shall meet