churches in nigeria

There are just too many churches in Nigeria. So (maybe) these pastors/ministers wanted theirs to stand out but it didn’t work out so well. Here are the crazily hilarious names they came up with and what we think inspired them:

1. Pastor is rapper and decided to throw punch lines

churches in nigeria

2. Retired NTA staff hoping to be made NTA’s ambassador

church 12

3. Either he watched too many vampire movies or he really likes meat – a lot


4. When he wasn’t reading his Bible, he was watching Prison Break. Biggest fan!


5. He is from Kenya that explains why he likes to run

funny church name

6. He couldn’t choose between names and “motto”, so he threw everything together


funny church name1

7. He has a history with medicine – either he dropped out of medical school or he left practice to minister

funny church name2

8. “Still trying to figure out what exactly I’m doing but for now, this should work”

funny church name3

9. No political party accepted him as presidential candidate, so he took his dream to church


funny church name5

10. He was a very inquisitive little lad…still is

funny church name4