Former River’s State governor, Rotimi Amaechi is the man of the moment.

He got ‘rewarded’ for his work in getting APC into power with a ministerial nomination and although he had a smooth Senate screening, no one really knows which ministerial portfolio he could be a perfect fit for.

Well, may be these photos could help.

1) He could be Minister of Youth Development


As a power dresser, he could help Nigerian youths start dressing for the glorious future ahead. No more sagging or naughty exposures. Right?

amaechi funnydressing

2) He could be Minister of Transportation 

He clearly loves driving. Even driving fellow politician, El-Rufai. He would surely know all the bad roads around the country by now. At least the very bad ones.


He may only clash with the Minister of Labour for not creating one more driver job for Nigeria.

3) He could be Minister for Interior


Rotimi knows Nigeria better than Google Maps. He helped the APC navigate its way to power.  He can surely help us get to the promise land.


4) He could be Minister for Women Affairs

amaechi woman hair

People are already saying Sai Baba is not doing enough for Nigerian women. Rotimi loves women and can be the man to change that story. He will surely deliver in this capacity if given a chance.


5) He could be Minister of Culture (& Entertainment)


Unlike many Nigerian musicians, Rotimi can rock a stage no matter the crowd. He has done it again and again. He can make Nollywood bigger than Hollywood before 2019.



Which Ministerial portfolio is he perfect for? Share in the comments below