coffin pastor1

Last Saturday, South African shoppers were left shocked after meeting a coffin at their bus stop. Investigations revealed that the members of SA’s Potter’s House Christian Church put it there to spread the gospel to residents of George in the Western Cape and to urge them to embrace God!

Defending the weird approach to evangelism, a church member named Aphiwe said: “We brought the coffin to illustrate to people who fail to embrace Jesus as the son of God that they will go to hell and face eternal death.

“Those who believe in Him will live a glorious life of eternity in heaven when they die.

“We use the coffin to urge people to embrace God. Once death occurs, it is too late to decide. Everybody is going to die, so let’s find Jesus.”

He added: “People should understand that whether they are rich or poor or black or white – the same fate awaits them and that is death.”

The pastor of the church, Randall van Staden said church members use theatre, music and the coffin to spread the gospel in towns like Mossel Bay, Knysna and Oudts-hoorn.

The coffin idea did not go down well with a lot of people. A 74-year-old witness said it was disrespectful to their culture while another woman said the whole saga amazed her daughter.