Modibo with his school teacher

A man said to be Nigeria’s oldest school pupil as passed away at the age of 94. A BBC report explains that Mohammud Modibbo could not attend school during his childhood because he had to work as a trader and that made him a very busy individual who had to to a lot of travelling round the country.

He made the bold decision to return to school during his mid-70s and just recently, he began his secondary school education in the northern city of Kano.

His teacher, Abdulkarim Ibrahim, said Mr Modibbo was “easy-going and jovial”.

Ibrahim told the BBC, “During classes, he was very attentive and asked questions when he didn’t understand – either asking the teacher or a student sitting beside him.”

Mr Modibbo had dreamed of pursing a university education, but his “sudden death” had robbed him of that chance, the teacher added.

Initial reports put his age at 83, but according to his family, he was 94 at the time of his death.

Pupils and teachers at his school were quite saddened by his death. They spoke of how much they would miss the mate grandfather who was so passionate about education and imbibed the mantra, “It’s never too late”

Modibbo was a devoted Islamic scholar during his lifetime. He didn’t see anything wrong  with sitting alongside pupils young enough to be his great-grandchildren, and even great-great grandchildren and this humble spirit is one that is highly commendable.