Timaya bio

From a former plantain seller who once lived with a woman older than him in Port-Harcourt to the huge star we know today, this is the story of a great young man that rose beyond all limitations to become the man he is today.

His Early Childhood (Timaya The Brazen Child)

Timaya ran away from home at the age of 14. The stubborn and self opinionated child was the last born in a family of 15 children whose father wanted him to become a banker like he was. But obviously, he had other ideas as he grew up loving entertainment and was not ready to compromise his dream for anything else.

Besides wanting freedom, Timaya also wanted to be free from his domineering older siblings who wanted to turn him into an errand boy.

His quest for freedom was so great that, he himself was recorded saying,

‘One day, I left the house but they caught and returned me after a year of living wild on the streets. I was tied and beaten up severely. I would act like I’m okay and the next thing, I’d run away again. That was my lifestyle until, my mother called my elder sister to say she was tired of me and urged her to take me to live with her in Lagos.’

Sometimes when there was a show in town, he would sneak out to watch the show and when he comes back the next morning, his mother would want to kill him.


His Sojourn In Lagos (The Life Of A Hustler) 

After attending Ikeja Grammar school, he began life as an hustler on the streets. He even dropped out of the University just so he could return to the streets.

Coming back to Lagos, Timaya joined Eedris Abdulkareem’s band as a back-up singer and worked for him for about three years even though he wasn’t paid a dime.

According to him,

He never paid me a dime in the three years I worked for him except for an occasion he gave me N1000 after a show in Kuramo beach.

Everybody that worked with Eedris when I was with him had a dream but he never helped make their dream happen.

Timaya and K-solo

Timaya having taken part in a talent audition by Hilda Dokubo and her husband and lost, met K-Solo in his studio in Mafoluku Oshodi and would often take a bike from his sister’s place in Oshodi to his studio every time.

They began work on his album, recorded seven raw and uncut demo CD and cut 5000 promo CDs without mixing the songs before giving them out to people for free.

Still Trying To Hit It Big

With a determined mind, he met Danco Music who offered to buy his master tape for 1 Million after T-Joe and Obaino has offered him 40 – 45,000.

1 Million naira richer, he went back to Port Harcourt, spent N190, 000 to buy a power bike and rent an apartment. The rest of the money he spent on Okirika wears as he felt his status needed an upgrade.

He revealed he survived on the mangoes he plucked in the compound after spending the money finish. Little did he know, his breakthrough was coming.

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Success At Last! 

His first breakthrough came when he was paid N150, 000 to perform for students of Federal Polytechnics Nekede, Owerri and since then Timaya has never looked back.

Infact the Egeripapa1 of Bayelsa revealed he has never been broke ever since then.