The wife of the Nigerian President, Aisha Buhari is no doubt beautiful and caring. Judging by what is known of her so far.

Here are some of her photos which mirror the behaviour of the typical Nigerian mum.

1.  That eye she gives to tell you to leave the room when she has guests over.


2. The face she makes when you ask her for something and she acts like she didn’t hear you.


3. When you tell her a secret and she promised not to tell your father, but still ends up telling him.


4. When your heavily religious mother enjoys your ‘Wizkid jams’ but keeps a straight face so you won’t think she encourages secular music.


5. When she tries to console you after beating you mercilessly.


6. When she asks you to do something and you refuse, she does it herself adding, “Before you were born I’ve been doing this work”.


7. When she’s unbelievably nice to your house guest and even prepares a meal for you both.


8. When she’s gossiping with her friend and she hears something downright hilarious.

9. When your father buys her a gift and she shares pictures of it on her social media account so her friends can be envious.


10. When there is a family hangout at a restaurant and she complains about the food and its exorbitant price.