russian chemical turrning black to white

New reports have it that Russian researchers have developed a chemical formula to rapidly whiten a person’s skin.

A dark-skinned person can now turn white if he or she stays for 6 hours in a bath consisting of 50grams per liter of water filled with the chemical which  is a mixture that includes oxytane and benzodiazepine. After this, the skin peels off naturally.

The procedure actually makes the subjects white after the upper skin layer that contains melanin is peeled off, revealing the white skin underneath.

Officials at the Russian laboratory where the serum was created say that 254 people have so far been treated.

Russian authorities commented that the treatment would be of high value to immigrants who may feel more integrated into Russian society if their skin matched that of the true Russian citizens.

However, some human rights organizations across the globe have strongly criticized he treatment labelling it as inhuman.