Many people are quite familiar with Nigerian Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo’s two daughters, Kiki and Kanyinsola but many do not know that he has a son named Fiyinfoluwa Osinbajo who is the last born in the family.


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Fifoluwa was present last week Sunday, 12th July 2015 along with his sister, Kanyinsola at a church service attended by the vice-president along with other top government dignitaries.


The teenager schooled in England at Bosworth Independent College and is a budding photographer. His works have reportedly been influenced and inspired by the likes of Lolu Osinbajo, Temi Adebayo and TY Bello.


He was said to be affiliated to a group of aspiring photographers called TOCH photography but has now branched off on his own.


He maintains a very low profile on social media with little over 800 Facebook friends and less than 300 Instagram followers.