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Pastor Akin Osinbajo who happens to be the younger brother of Nigeria’s Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo has dished out on the love story between Nigeria’s VP and his wife, Dolapo Osinbajo.

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In an interview with THE SUN, Akin was asked ”How did he (Yemi Osinbajo) come about marrying Awolowo’s granddaughter?”, and he said, ”That’s another interesting and prophetic thing because when we were all younger, there was a time we were all worshipping in the same church in Ikenne. And Papa Awolowo would sit in front row and my own parents would sit in the next row behind him. And one day we were all coming; you know during the Christmas we have thanksgiving. We the children, when it was time for thanksgiving, we were all asked to come out for thanksgiving.

So, when we were coming back, because we four boys, all dressed in suit, and as teenagers we were all dancing, looked very gorgeous, and likewise the girls. Papa stood up and faced our parents and said one of the boys should marry one of his girls (that’s granddaughters) And Mama said that can’t happen. But Papa said in Israel cousins do marry. 

”That was about 15 years before they actually married. By the time they were marrying Papa had passed on. When the two of them came to say they want to marry later and the family said they could not marry because they are blood relations, Mama HID Awolowo said they should not stop them from marrying, that Papa had said it while he was alive that they would marry.