Everyone wants that fancy life of a billionaire where money is no longer a problem and luxury becomes the ultimate. You get to unwind in the poshest mansions and drive the fastest cars. Isn’t that the life! Check out 10 photos that will give you enough inspiration to make your own billions:

1) Designers are just names to you. You buy them like it’s nothing.


2) You can always head down to your private island for a weekend to relax just like Richard Branson.

richard-branson island

3) You get to live large like Oprah.

oprah mansion

4) You travel in style. Nothing less.


5) You gain access to the Billionaire Boys/Girls Club where only the biggest in the world reign supreme.


6) You get to rub shoulders with presidents and world leaders.


7) Your children get the best weddings just like kings and queens.


8) Comfort is an essential for you.


9) Your yacht will drop jaws.


10) People listen keenly whenever you speak.

British Prime Minister paying serious attention to what Mark Zuckerberg is saying