state owing

The Task Force of the Nigerian Labor Congress has revealed that 18 state governors are owing civil servants in their states salaries and arrears of pensions running into months.

The leadership of NLC says workers in these states might be embarking on a nationwide strike on Monday May 25th if their state governors do not pay before the new administration takes over.

Abia state was listed as the state that had not paid its civil servants salaries running into nine months.  According to Punch, the states owing salaries or pensions are:

1. Abia state

2. Akwa Ibom state

3. Bauchi state

4. Benue state

5. Cross River state

6. Ekiti state

7. Imo state

8. Jigawa state

9. Kano state

10. Katsina state

11. Kogi state

12. Ogun state

13. Ondo state

14. Osun state

15. Oyo state

16. Plateau state 

17. Rivers state

18. Zamfara states.