Growing up, we all have dreams of high paying jobs that will make us millionaires or even billionaires depending on how big your dream is. While hoping or working towards that dream job, you might like to check out a list of the seven highest paying jobs in Nigeria as of 2014.

7.         Hackers/Software Programmers/IT Security Analysts (Salary Range: 2.8 – 6.48 Million):


IT security analyst and ethical hackers are in high demand now as more companies and organizations conduct business online. The jobs of IT security analyst and ethical hackers are to improve cyber security, prevent security breaches and make sure that the security of web and online platforms are guaranteed. Programmers that have experience in Javascript, PHP, Java and JQuery are also hot cakes.  Since they are rare to find, it means they get to charge high prices from organizations requiring their knowledge.

6.         Project Managers (Salary Range: 3.45 – 6.45 Million Naira):

Salaries of project managers vary depending on the prestige of the company they are working for. Those working for top notch manufacturing companies, telecommunication giants, banks and oil and gas companies usually have a fat pay check.  Their duties can include supervision of development projects like the setting up of a new branch or simply getting a new product of the company into the market.

5.         Petroleum/Production Engineers (Salary Range: 3.5- 6.3 Million Naira):


It is common knowledge that the oil and gas industry is a very lucrative one and more so in a country like Nigeria that is blessed with an abundance of the natural resource. It is only natural therefore for highly skilled engineers in the various production aspects (mechanical, electrical and petrochemical areas) of the petroleum sector to be among the best paid professional careers in the country.

4.         IT/Telecom Engineers (Salary Range: 3.6 – 6.9 Million Naira):

IT engineers are currently in hot demand as the IT and telecom industries are becoming increasingly more competitive. They are usually in charge of the implementation of all software and hardware solutions in an organization. They may also be required to train others on the job, administration duties and support.

3.         Commercial Airline Pilots (Salary Range: 3.8 – 7.4 Million Naira):


Pilots may not earn as high as aeronautical engineers but they are one of the top earners in the country. Dominated by expatriates pilots in the country are still among top earners. Again since there aren’t many tertiary institutions offering training to pilots, they are usually in high demand and this means more pay for them.

2.         Investment Bankers (Salary Range: 4.5 – 8.6 Million Naira):

investment bankers

Investment bankers usually issue and sell securities in the primary market to help companies, governments and their agencies to raise money. They are mostly found in banks, investment advisory and consulting firms and other financial institutions. A senior investment banker can rake in as high as N13 million in a year as income without bonuses included.  

1.         Aerospace Engineering (Salary Range: Estimated at 13 Million Naira):


Since there is hardly any quality or functioning aerospace engineering departments in Nigerian tertiary intuitions, aerospace engineers in the country’s aviation sector got their professional and technical trainings abroad. They are rewarded well for their expertise so it is not hard to understand why they top this list. The job is a tasking one and requires a lot of professionalism and technical expertise.  Their sense of sound judgment is constantly put to use on the job as they perform a job that many lives depend upon.