Blazers are important fashion items for men and even women nowadays. They exude a suave aura for men and they always make you look dapper, mature and appealing. To all the guys out there, the right blazer will change your outlook and give you more appeal to the women folk. Girls love men in suits and this is a known fact. Now, you can style yourself with the right blazer and other accessories to go and you will have ladies getting in line for your phone number. Ready? Let’s start!

1) If you want to rock a blazer, try building contrast with the inner wear. White is the most versatile colour to rock any blazer with.

2) With a black coloured blazer, you could pair with a contrasting light coloured inner shirt or tee. A brown coloured blazer could be worn with light blue or white packet shirt or tee shirt.

3) For a patterned blazer, the best way to rock it is to repeat a colour of the pattern on the solid shirt or tee shirt. The shirt should be plain or patterned too but do not wear a shirt full of designs.

4) Checkered blazers could go well with pin stripped shirts or vice versa.

5) An interesting twist to rocking a blazer is to wear one with a crest embossed on the breast pocket area. This introduces a fresh new look which is very trendy.

6) Deep coloured blazers must not be worn with deep coloured shirts or tee shirts.

7) Avoid wearing the same form of pattern on blazers and shirts. One form of pattern should dominate the other.

8) Your shoes matter. Always come out looking good with the right set of shoes that will sell the look and give you that irresistible vibe.